What Is Dry Verge?

All Gable Ends Have A Weak Point Between The Tiles And The Walls - This Is Called The Verge And Has Conventionally Been Treated By Mortar. These Mortared Verges Are Now Becoming Extinct As It Poses Two Long Term Problems:
1) As Mortar Is A Porous Material, And Subject To Expansion Through Freeze/Thaw Action (Weather), Mortared Verges Deteriorate And Crack, And Require Regular Maintenance.
2) The Pieces Of Timber That The Tiles Fix Onto Have Their Ends Located In This Mortar. With The Mortar Being Regularly Damp, These Timber Lath Ends Nearly Always Become Rotten.

The Solution To This Problem Is To Invest In Having Dry Verge System Installed, Which Principally Involves Specialist UPVC Caps Being Fitted Around The Edge Tiles And Providing A Waterproof Seal To This Vunerable Part Of The Roof. If Fitted Correctly, This Will Give You An Attractive Finish Which Will Need No Further Maintenance.

Installation, The All Aspects Way!

Unfortunately, Dry Verge Has Become One Of The Favourite Crafts Of Rogue Traders, Who May Travel The Streets Posting Cheap Prices Through Your Letterbox. This Has Resulted In A Great Deal Of Dry Verge Systems Throughout The UK Bring Inadequately Fixed, Subject To Unneccessary Movement Or Being Completely Blown Off During High Winds!

At All Aspects, We Realise Fully That The Correct Fixing Of This System Is Extremely Important. We Remove Your Roofing Tiles And Cut The Roof Batons Back. Then We Apply New Timber Batons To Fix The Verge To Give The Installation Maximum Strength. Our Installtion Will Also Include Taking Care Of Any Rotten Felt. All Of Our Dry Verge Installations Carry A Rock Solid Guarantee, And Are Available In Either Tile Grey, Brown Or Terracotta.