What To Expect Through Out Your Insulation

1. We will set up - Scaffolding / Towers / Easy Deck, all installed to health and safety standards for both you and our staffs safety.

2. Remove two rows of roof tiles and old fascias and gutters by one of our experienced and fully trained staff, using a wrecking bar and reciprocating saw.

3. Clean up area and remove all debris from site.

4. Inspect rafter ends and roofline timbers for decay and replace all rotten timber works.

5. Splice in new softwood bearers and replace any decaying timbers in rafters.

6. Treat rafters and new timber work with water-borne preservative.

7. Install adequate soffit supports, either a timber bearer or soffit channel, treat with preservative and make sure soffit bearers are staight and level with a

8. Install soffit , making sure fixings are all equal distance and soffit is staight and level.

9. Run a stringline along the front edge of the rafters to check that they are staight and level. Pack out any area where there is a discrepancy.

10. Install fascia using correct fixing - 65mm poly tops, which will have two in every rafter.

11. Install rainwater system (guttering) using the correct fixings and techniques with UPVC fascias - 5mm x 25mm screws, two in every fascia bracket.

12. Install Eaves protection system to top of fascia system. Make sure there are adequate provisions for waterproofing and drainage.

13. Clean up and replace tiles.

14. clean up fascias and soffit system with suitable cleaner.

15. overall check and check alignment.

16. Remove scaffolding and/or tower system.

17. Set up scaffold system to adjacent area e.g at gable end.